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WATERJET  - Controlled, Precise Cutting ...

Our Bystronic WATERJET CUTTING equipment uses a computer controlled machine that is capable of cutting any sheet or plate material up to 200mm in thickness. Precise cutting is achieved by using an abrasive water jet, this cutting process uses an exceptionally high, 3600BAR, jet of water that is mixed with garnet as an abrasive thus forming a fluid cutting tool.  

The pressurised mixture of water and garnet is forced through a tungsten carbide tube with an exit diameter of 0.75mm. This creates a forceful, accurate jet with a Mohs scale rating of 8 - as a comparison within the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, talcum powder is 1 and diamond is 10! 

This enables an amazing degree of accuracy and the waterjet can cut detailed parts in materials from foam and plastics through to metals, carbon fibre, ceramics and even armour plate.  This process is best described as 'accelerated erosion'.

The advantages of Waterjet Cutting ... The major advantage of water jet lies in the fact that the process is cold i.e. there is no heat application, thermal processes such as laser or plasma cutting deform the edges of cut composites and are clearly not suitable for some materials due to combustion, the micro-fine water jet is the most effective way of cutting complex shapes into materials such as listed below to the highest tolerances. 

Mild steel   /  Stainless steel   /   Aluminium   /   Rubber   /   Acrylic   /   Plastics   /   Cork    /   Carbon Fibre

Stone   /   Glass   /   Foam   /   Brick   /   Concrete Block   /   Marble    /   Polystyrene   /   Wood 

LASER - Powerful, Precise Cutting ...

Our Bystronic LASER CUTTING equipment uses a computer-controlled machine that is capable of cutting metal up to 12mm in thickness. Precise cutting is achieved by using a powerful laser. 

Our flat-bed, 2 axis machine is ideal for small and large production runs or indeed prototyping and one-offs. A highly developed CNC control system ensures that we work to a minimal wastage and a maximum level of efficiency and accuracy.

The advantages of Laser Cutting ... Laser cutting is a much faster process than WATERJET, therefore if a cold process is not a necessity and the material lends itself to laser this is the best option.

Mild steel   /  Stainless steel   /   Aluminium   

Precision Laser & WaterJet cutting for a wide range of sectors:

• Engineering     • Motor Sport          • Aerospace      • Oil and Gas           • Steel  

• Nuclear            • Shopfitting            • Lighting          • Pharmaceutical     • Architectural

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precision laser and waterjet cutting

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